We are always looking for new volunteers!

We are recruiting for our Board for this year & we need YOU to step in as:

  • Orchestra Liaison
  • Choir Liaison

Interested in learning more? 

Please email ingrahamperformingarts@gmail! Thank you!

Is your student a member of one of the bands this year? Orchestra? A Choir? Theatre? No matter the program, there is definitely a simple way to volunteer!

Look for our “SignUpGenius” that we use as a means of communicating volunteer needs before events. It’s easy to sign up for a simple way to participate in your community!

You could help out by doing one of the following:

set up concessions, work as a concert stage hand, help clean up after an event

And/Or… check out the listing of events on the IPAB calendar! See an event that involves your student? Curious about helping out at the event? Look at the event notes on the calendar listing because there very well may be a need for chaperones or other help.

Don’t be shy, sign up! It takes a village!

Many hands make light work and volunteering is a great way to meet new people!

Depending on the volunteer role you choose, you might be required to fill out some forms, per the policies of the Seattle Public Schools.


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